SA Sendinggestig Museum

40 Long Street

40 Long Street, Cape Town

Monday - Friday
9:00 - 17:00

This Museum is housed in the oldest mission church in South Africa built by local Christians. The Sendinggestig was not originally used for worship services. Instead, it was used for religious activities of the South African Mission Society such as prayer meetings, Bible study, religious and literacy classes and general meetings. For this reason, it was not called a church, but a “gestig” or “oefeninghuis” which is the Dutch equivalent of the American “meeting house”.
Twenty years later it did become a fully-fledged church. This congregation included the poor, Khoekhoen (Khoikhoi) and slaves who converted to Christianity. It was called the “S.A. Gestig congregation” of the S.A. Mission Society. The building served as a church until 1975. After the Group Areas Act was implemented its congregation had to move and find a suitable piece of land for building a church in a “Coloured Group Area”. Their new church was built in Belhar.
The Museum is an affiliated museum of the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS).

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