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The Mineral Revolution Exhibition by Jeannette Unite won a Cultural Award from Department Arts and Culture, hosted at Western Cape Archive & Records Services.

Earth and mining artist Jeannette Unite has returned from lecturing and exhibiting in UK, USA and Europe to show Complicit Geographies – The Mineral Revolution at the Old Gaol Building in Cape Town.Western Cape Minister of Arts and Culture, Ms Anroux Marias, officially launched the exhibition where it can be viewed until April 2018.

This exhibition is an artistic response to Africa providing raw materials for Industrial Revolutions and manufacture globally. The paint Unite uses is made with authentic mined material; platinum, titanium, rutile, diamond granules, gold sands, slimes dam, smelter slag, oxides and mine dump matter from her travels are incorporated, along with texts from archives and museums, into the artworks. Unite transforms authentic materials, often the discarded products of mining, into objects of value that interrogate value. As an invited lecturer in geology, environmental science, geography and art museums in various USA and Europe based university she shares insights about this “Age of Acceleration”. Unite’s observations, materials and images have been collected from travels on four continents over the past two decades.The Archives and Records Services Building is an appropriate place to host Complicit Geographies – The Mineral Revolution exhibition.

The Archives building’s history is a catalogue of changing fortunes, from a palace to a prison infested with diseases, it now functions as a space where custodianship of 52 kilometres of private and public memories are cared for in massive leather bound books. Unite explores Africa’s unique role in connected and disjointed histories of those at the forefront of the discovery of minerals and the labour mined to provide ingredients for distant countries manufacturing industries.

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