The Iziko Planetarium

25 Queen Victoria St

25 Queen Victoria St, Gardens

Monday - Sunday
9:00 - 17:00
First Thursdays
18:00 - 21:00

The Iziko Planetarium is the most advanced digital planetarium on the African continent. This world class, multi-functional facility is a space of innovation and discovery – where art, science and entertainment meet. It provides an immersive 360 degree perspective, 3D edu-tainment experience. Virtual voyages include exploring the furthest reaches of the universe; the depths of our oceans; the inner workings of the human body; and the intricacies of atomic and chemical structures.
Recently upgraded as part of a collaborative project funded by the Departments of Art and Culture; the Department of Science and Technology; the National Research Foundation; as well as academic institutions: University of the Western Cape; University of Cape Town; and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology – the Iziko Planetarium is now also used for cutting-edge scientific research to optimise South Africa’s eResearch and data visualisation capacity.

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