Un/Settled by Sydelle Willow Smith ( Government Avenue)

Government Avenue

Government Avenue

Monday - Sunday
9:00am - 19:00pm
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Un/Settled is a multimedia documentary project that explores white identity in South Africa where the unresolved trauma of a racist society cannot be ignored. Un/Settled questions white South Africans’ conceptions of belonging, documenting memories, settler histories, land, prejudices and hopes. As South Africa struggles to come to terms with persistent inequality, the project seeks to urge white people to examine their own historical and future roles in the place they call home.
This project is not a didactic speech or a proclamation; it is a place of vulnerability, and also a place of curiosity. It is a record of a moment in our collective history worth recording, whose origins lie somewhere behind and among us, that can only be disrupted through honest engagement.
The work will be installed on Government Avenue from Nov 7th to Jan 31st 2020 and falls part of the Infecting the City festival 2019 programme.

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